Saturday, August 23, 2014

Yelp helps: How the review site can aid property owners

Yelp is a business review site that delivers insightful information about companies, businesses, and establishments. With visits up to 132 million people each month, Yelp can be a viable tool for marketing and advertising. Many of those who visit Yelp are looking to purchase or acquire. For property owners of for-lease establishments, the tools found in Yelp can be turned toward gaining a competitive edge. 
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The main service of Yelp is reviews; currently there are over 52 million reviews on the site. Reviews are what users often look for when visiting Yelp: up to 44 percent of users regularly read these reviews. When a business maintains a good online reputation, it often translates to better visibility and name recognition. 
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The site offers a free business page that users can view and where they can leave reviews. Property owners can upload and display images of the property. For business transactions, Yelp offers “Yelp Deal” services that let property owners offer exclusive deals to potential tenants. In addition, Yelp has a mobile app that lets users access the services while on the go. 
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Of course, one should maintain a property worthy of a good review. Assuming one is owning an impeccable establishment, Yelp can be a surefire way to gain considerable publicity. Property owners should consider Yelp for a better online and mobile presence.

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